Is Open Source Even Relevant In Serverless

Open source has been intertwined with enterprise software for more than two decades and, with the increased adoption of cloud computing, the role of open-source software has only been increasing. If we look at the hype around containers, it is completely driven by open source. As Serverless gains traction, driven mainly by the higher-level abstractions,…

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Debunking The Serverless Myth

One of the biggest misconceptions about Serverless is that it cannot support stateful applications. We have already pointed out that the new breed of Functions as a Service (FaaS) offerings support stateful applications. In this post, we will go a bit deeper on the topic and break the myth that Serverless is fit only for…

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Overcoming Serverless Limitations

Overcoming Serverless Limitations While Serverless provides developers many advantages, they also impose many constraints on developers in terms of architecture, deployment options, etc.. While these constraints require developers to change the way they develop and deploy their applications, there are many ways developers can overcome these limitations or find a workaround to manage them gracefully….

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Two Paths To IoT With Serverless

As Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction among businesses of all sizes, developers are forced to figure out out how to build apps that take advantage of data. The usual approach of deploying the apps on virtual machines or containers may be suboptimal as the IoT devices may not generate data at all times justifying…

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Serverless Suitable For Machine Learning and AI Workloads?

Machine learning (ML) is getting very popular across organizations of all sizes and shapes, driven by the desire to gain insights from the data they collect from their customers and across the organization. Whether you are a large organization collecting data using sensors and other IoT devices or a small business storing customer and employee…

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Top DevOps Considerations For Serverless

The role of DevOps in Serverless deployments is critical to realizing the value of these technologies. As developers use Serverless technologies, they need to go beyond the usual developer considerations to DevOps considerations which play a critical role in not just the agility but also in user experience. In this post, we will highlight some…

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Top Considerations For Serverless Developers

As more and more developers embrace Serverless technologies, there are confusions about picking the right platform for their needs. Every since AWS Lambda became a success among developers, there are many other services that are made available in the market including Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, Zoho Catalyst, Nimbella Platform, etc.. Each service offers different…

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Stateful Apps With Serverless

Using Serverless Functions for stateless applications is straightforward. Not all Functions as a Service (FaaS) providers offer out of the box support for stateful applications. Using FaaS without understanding the requirements for deploying stateful applications may end up being expensive and operationally prohibitive. Even though early use cases for Functions as a Service like AWS…

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Does Serverless Need DevOps?

As Serverless offerings like Functions as a Service gain traction among developers, they are faced with questions about the role of DevOps in Serverless environments. With so much hype surrounding these technologies and DevOps, there is very little clarity on the relationship between Serverless and DevOps. We can talk about DevOps and Serverless in couple…

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