State of OpenWhisk

OpenWhisk is the first Serverless platform that gained community traction when IBM pushed the platform to Apache Foundation. Licensed under the Apache license, the platform allows developers to deploy event driven applications on any infrastructure. This implies there is an operational overhead in running the platform compared to platforms like AWS Lambda, Catalyst, Google Functions, Azure Functions, etc.. However, there are hosted Serverless platforms like Nimbella and IBM Functions which are based on OpenWhisk. We had a discussion with Knative community about their platform.

Today, at Rishidot Research, we hosted an online panel on the State of OpenWhisk with contributors from the community. The panelists are:

  • Dave Grove, IBM and Chair of OpenWhisk PMC
  • Michael Marth, Adobe
  • Rodric Rabbah, Nimbella
  • Bertrand Delacretaz, Adobe
  • Brendan Doyle, Qualtrics

While Knative has gained traction among Kubernetes community, we wanted to know if OpenWhisk is gaining traction. We discussed various topics including

  • the current state of the open source community and whether the Apache governance model is encouraging for vendors, users and individual contributors. This community has vendors, end users and individual contributors. We discuss how the community is shaping up.
  • the maturity of the platform and the use cases supported
  • what is the difference between OpenWhisk and Knative
  • is Apache way better than the Linux Foundation approach in building sustainable open source projects
  • future of the project

It was a great discussion which showcases the ground reality of OpenWhisk if your organization is considering the platform. Watch the video below.

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