Knative: Is it ready for production?

As Kubernetes and AWS Lambda gained traction among developers, there was a clear need for a serverless abstraction on top of Kubernetes. Knative is an open source project, originally started by Google in collaboration with IBM, Red Hat and VMware, that provides an abstraction for developers to run their code without having to manage the underlying containers. While Google was having full control over the project, they have recently announced a community governance to ensure that developers and not Google have control over the direction of the project.

While I agree that open source foundations, especially the ones run under the Linux Foundation umbrella, are not a requirement for the success of an open source project. It is important that any open source community has a solid governance which empowers the contributors (code, documentation, evangelism, etc.) to steer the direction of the project. With the current governance model in the Knative community, no single vendor will control the Technical Oversight Committee or Steering Committee (after the elections are held). This is definitely a welcome first step and, hopefully, a trademark committee can handle the trademarks of the project.

Today, we hosted a virtual panel on the State of Knative with members from the community. We had Brenda Chan and Matt Moore from VMware, Savita Ashture and Paul Morie from Red Hat and Michael Behrendt from IBM. We covered topics such as

  • The importance of Knative abstraction and use cases
  • Maturity of Knative for enterprise
  • Knative community governance
  • How OSS projects can be made more inclusive
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