Serverless Landscape – An Overview

As Serverless Computing services gain traction among developers, we are seeing an ecosystem developing around the core platforms. In this blog post, we will map out the Serverless landscape talking about various tools to support Developers, DevOps, Security, etc.. This list is not exhaustive by any means. This is produced based on the startups and open source tools we are monitoring at Rishidot Research. If you find any service or software missing in the list, please raise an issue on our Github with necessary evidence (eg: the website).

Functions as a Service (FaaS)

Functions as a Service (also known as FaaS) is a cloud based service that allows developers to deploy their code as Functions which are then executed by the service. The pricing is usually based on the number of executions and execution time.

and many more which can be found in our repository.

Multi Cloud Platforms

Multi Cloud Platforms are deployed on any cloud to run Functions with the same abstraction as Functions as a Service but they come with an operational overhead to manage the platform on top of the virtualized or container environments.

and many other platforms listed in our repository.

Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service (formerly, Mobile Backend as a Service) is a critical component that complements Functions as a Service in the Serverless ecosystem. Backend as a Service provides an ecosystem of services accessible by an API, greatly simplifying application development for Serverless platforms.

and few others listed in this repository.

Developer Tools

There are many developer tools that are available to build apps around Serverless platforms. They help augment developer productivity and make it even more seamless to deploy complex applications.

and a list of other developer tools can be found in our repository.


Serverless Frameworks makes it easy to develop and deploy applications on Functions as a Service offerings from cloud providers. Some frameworks extends the Serverless platform for other tasks including data processing.

and the list in our repository contains more frameworks.

Observability Tools

Observability is a critical component of Serverless deployment model. It ensures that the functions are deployed and executed as expected and the application code behaves as expected. There are many different tools with some working across different types of cloud deployment models like virtual machines and containers.

and many more as listed in this repository. Some Serverless offerings like Zoho Catalyst provide an integrated Observability tool as a part of the service.


Except for some Functions as a Service like Zoho Catalyst, most platforms require you to put together the necessary storage services manually. While cloud providers storage service like AWS S3 can be used along with their FaaS offering, there are some third party tools available that works with many Serverless platforms.


While the Functions as a Service providers handle the security of the underlying infrastructure, it is the responsibility of the users to take care of application security and communication with other dependent services.


While Serverless simplifies deployment, many Serverless platforms like AWS Lambda requires the user to put together the CI/CD pipeline.

The repository will get continuously updated with more tools available in the ecosystem. Please check back again to see the updated list.

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