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Welcome to TalkingServerless.com, a one-stop website for all things serverless. Serverless technologies are reshaping the landscape and this site will help developers navigate this trend and take advantage of these technologies to meet the business needs.

Serverless technologies remove all the operational hassles behind deploying the code, giving developers a simple interface to deploy their code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. It provides an interface that greatly simplifies cloud programming and represents an evolution that parallels the transition from assembly language to high-level programming languages.

However, there is quite a bit of confusion about how these technologies can be leveraged by developers to ensure business agility. The aim of this site is to help the developer community understand the nuances associated with this newer trend and help them move from their traditional approaches to deploying virtual machines and containers. The blog posts in this site will be both conceptual as well as technical, helping developers gain confidence to deploy their code using serverless technologies.

This site is sponsored by Zoho Catalyst, a serverless platform for developers without any unnecessary overhead. Even though this site is exclusively sponsored by Zoho, the articles will be diverse focusing on the wider landscape of serverless technologies. There may be Zoho specific articles published from time to time but we will have a developer-centric focus on the entire Serverless landscape.

Stay safe and join us on this exciting journey exploring Serverless technologies on this freshly minted website.

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